Cairo Chamber of Commerce

International Transport and Logistics Services Division

Division goals

  1. Organizing work in the activity and working to promote it.
  2. To suggest what would develop, stimulate and unite efforts to raise the level of the profession.
  3. Consolidating harmony and cooperation between members and preventing illegal competition or harmful practices between them and participation in resolving disputes between members or between them and individuals.
  4. Discussing and studying issues and projects, proposing appropriate solutions, and submitting them to the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce to take necessary action regarding them.
  5. Work to solve the problems encountered in its activity and strive to strengthen relations and simplify procedures with the official agencies concerned with the state and the production, financing and marketing agencies associated with this activity.
  6. Contributing to solving general problems facing trade, especially with regard to tax matters and social security.
  7. Study import, export and cash operations and their relationship to local production and consumption processes and submit their proposals to the responsible authorities.
  8. Study the subjects referred to it by the chamber or its office body for study and express opinion on them.
  9. Providing the Chamber with information and statistics related to its activities
  10. Issuance of certificates for issuing the procedures circular.
  11. Adopting training and awareness programs and exchanging experiences to improve the level of performance among the practitioners of the activity and spread them among its members in accordance with the rules approved by the Chamber's Board of Directors.
  12. Proposing legislation and regulations governing the conduct of the procedures that govern this activity and submitting them to the Chamber of Commerce to put them in the legal framework with the specialized authorities.
  13. Formation and quality committees that bring together workers in similar activities
  14. Establishing a profession code of ethics, which the organizers and practitioners of this activity abide by.